Jun 2, 2015

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Finlandiya Üniversiteleri

Finlandiya Üniversiteleri

Finlandiya Üniversiteleri

o ABO Akademi University – Fince – İngilizce http://www.abo.fi
o Helsinki University of Technology – Fince – İngilizce http://www.hut.fi
o Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration – İsveççe – Fince – İngilizcehttp://www.shh.fi
o Helsingin yliopisto – Fince – İngilizce http://www.helsinki.fi/university
o University of Art and Design – Fince – İngilizce http://www.uiah.fi
o University of Joensuu – Fince – İngilizce http://www.joensuu.fi
o University of Jyvaskyla – Fince – İngilizce http://www.jyu.fi
o University of Kuopio – Fince – İngilizce http://www.uku.fi
o University of Lapland – Fince – İngilizce http://www.ulapland.fi
o Lappeenranta University of Technology – Fince – İngilizce http://www.lut.fi
o University of Oulu – Fince – İngilizce http://www.oulu.fi
o University of Tampere – Fince – İngilizce http://www.uta.fi
o Tampere University of Technology – Fince – İngilizce http://www.tut.fi
o Turku School of Economics and Business Administration – Fince – İngilizcehttp://www.tukkk.fi
o University of Turku – Fince – İngilizce http://www.utu.fi
o Academy of Fine Arts – Fince – İsveççe – İngilizce http://www.kuva.fi
o Sibelius Academy – Fince – İsveççe – İngilizce http://www.siba.fi
o Theatre Academy of Finland – Fince – İsveççe – İngilizce http://www.teak.fi

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