Jun 2, 2015

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Macaristan Üniversiteleri

Macaristan Üniversiteleri

Macaristan Üniversiteleri

o Corvinus University of Budapest – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.uni-corvinus.hu
o Eötvös Loránd International Studies University – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.elte.hu
o Semmelweis University – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.sote.hu
o Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Macarca – Almanca – İngilizcehttp://www.bme.hu
o Szent István University – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.gau.hu
o University Medical School of Debrecen – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.dote.hu
o University of Miskolc – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.uni-miskolc.hu
o University of Pécs – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.pte.hu
o University of Pannonia – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.uni-pannon.hu
o University of Debrecen – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.unideb.hu
o University of Szeged – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.u-szeged.hu
o University of West Hungary – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.uniwest.hu
o Pázmány Péter Catholic University – Macarca – İngilizce http://www.ppke.hu
o Széchenyi István University – Macarca – İngilizce http://uni.sze.hu

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